8 oz. Wax (Black, White or Brown)

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Our wax leaves a beautiful matte finish and is plenty of wax for multiple projects. Wax does harden over time to protect your furniture. Wax is also a great water repellent. Apply a thin coat of wax over your painted surface with a Chalky Chicks Fat Wax Brush. Work in small areas at a time, wiping off any excess with a clean cloth. A little goes a long way, so use the "less is more" mentality. We advise light use of your waxed surfaces for the first few days. Wax is fully cured within 45 days. You can use wax to clean the surface or another oil-based cleaning solution.

Tips for Clear Wax: For a distressed look, sand your piece FIRST to reveal a little of the wood or paint underneath before applying a coat of wax. this saves your sandpaper and prevents from having to reapply wax. That's time and money.<p

Tips for Colored Wax: Beautifully accents raised and recessed detailing. Creates an aged, vintage look. Colored wax will also enhance distressed looks. If you're not happy with your results- paint right over it and start over. There is no need to wax over the colored wax for finish. To remove colored wax, use clear wax.