Hi there-

I'm Jessie and I am a long time small business owner and a proud Chalky Chicks retailer. I have been painting with Chalky Chicks paint for over 5 years now. I started out using the paint, then falling in love with it. I reached out to the company and became a brand ambassador and influencer. From there, I decided I wanted to be a retailer, so I applied to the wholesale program. Once I became a wholesaler, I started selling the paint online and in my store. 

I’ve had so much success working with Chalky Chicks that I decided to invest in the company and help make Chalky Chicks the leading Chalk Paint company in the world.

I love the human connection that comes with selling in a brick-and-mortar store and I also understand the convenience shoppers enjoy from purchasing online. 

Retailer support is very important to Chalky Chicks. I hope to help you build your business through use of our phenomenal product. You still need that human connection no matter how you sell our paint. I want you to know I have been right where you are, working, selling, hustling, hoping, trying to make a successful business. I know what it takes and I hope to help you become a success. We can chat about social media marketing, selling in person, hosting lives, going to shows, doing a live demonstration in your store, community outreach, collaborating with other creatives...all things that I have personally tried. 

Feel free to reach out to me, I hope to hear from you soon.