Chalky Chicks Top 10 Colors for 2024

Chalky Chicks Top 10 Colors for 2024

Chalky Chicks paint continues to be a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and interior designers alike. Now that we are at the halfway mark of 2024, certain paint colors are emerging as clear favorites. Each of these colors brings its own unique charm and style to various projects. Here's a list of the top 10 paint colors of 2024 complete with inspiration photos and tips for use.

1. Aged Burlap

A warm, light cream, Aged Burlap is perfect for creating a soft, inviting atmosphere. This versatile shade pairs beautifully with most wood tones, making it ideal for updating dressers nightstands and other furniture pieces.

photo cred: Ugly Duckling Upcycles

Tip: Use Aged Burlap to brighten dark corners and create a soothing, cohesive look in your living space.

2. Mermaid

photo cred: The Distressed Mermaid

This vibrant turquoise green captures the enchanting essence of Caribbean waters. Mermaid is perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any project.

Tip: Pair Mermaid with white or sandy beige accents to evoke a coastal, beachy vibe in any room.

3. Old Lace

photo cred: MRC Restore and Crafts

A timeless classic, Old Lace offers a clean, elegant look that never goes out of style. This versatile color works well on kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, and even walls. 

Tip: Combine Old Lace with dark hardware for a striking, modern contrast.

4. Beachwood

photo cred: Wild Attic

Sophisticated and neutral, Beachwood is a taupe-grey that adds depth and elegance to any piece. It's perfect for creating a French-country or rustic look.

Tip: Layer Normandy with white wax for a soft aged appearance.

5. Cancun Blue

photo cred: Urban Legends Antiques

This soft, muted blue-green is calming and fresh, ideal for bringing a subtle pop of color to your home. Cancun Blue is particularly popular for bedroom or bathroom decor.

Tip: Use Cancun Blue to paint vintage frames, mirrors or small accent tables for a charming touch.

6.Gun Metal Grey

photo cred: T. Kay's Creations

For those who prefer bold, dramatic tones, Gun Metal Grey is the perfect choice. This deep charcoal grey can add a touch of sophistication and modern flair to any project.

Tip: Pair Gun Metal Grey with metallic accents like gold or copper for a chic, contemporary look.

7. Buttermilk

photo cred: Urban Legends Antiques

A warm creamy beige with a hint of yellow, Buttermilk is perfect for creating a vintage or farmhouse aesthetic. It adds warmth and character to furniture and decor items.

Tip: Distress Buttermilk with sandpaper to reveal layers of color underneath, enhancing its rustic charm.

8. DC Blue

photo cred: Dazzle Decor Store

A vibrant, patriotic blue, DC blue is perfect for adding a cheerful, energetic touch to any space. It works beautifully on outdoor furniture and garden decor. 

Tip: Use DC Blue to paint plant pots or patio furniture, bringing a touch of patriotism to your garden.

9. Sweet 16 

photo cred: Tracey's Treasures of Southampton 

This soft, muted pink is perfect for bringing a touch of romance and warmth to any project. Sweet 16 is ideal for nursery furniture, decorative accessories, and even bathroom cabinets.

Tip: Use Sweet 16 with neutral tones like grey or white for a balanced, sophisticated look. 

10. Mountain Green

photo cred: Trashed to Treasure

Earth and Rich, Mountain Green is a sage green that brings the beauty of nature indoors. This color is perfect for creating a cozy, natural ambiance in living rooms and bedrooms. 

Tip: combine Mountain Green with natural wood tones and plants to enhance its organic feel.


Each of these shades offer a unique way to refresh and personalize your space, from enchanting Mermaid to the timeless Old Lace. Whether you're updating furniture, adding accent pieces, or overhauling a  room, the top 10 chalk paint colors are sure to help you get the look you desire.

Experiment with our top 10 paint colors from Chalky Chicks. Don't forget to share your creativity with us.

Happy Painting- Jessie