Hi, there. We're Chalky Chicks

To learn about Chalky Chicks paint, you have to answer a question: Have you spent more money than you care to admit on a quart of chalky paint (if you don’t tell your hubby how much it cost, we won’t either) only to get it home and timidly, “add water” to thin it out, praying the whole time you weren’t ruining it? We’ve been there and it sucked all the joy out of chalk painting furniture!
We’ve been chalk painting and distressing furniture for 15 years and had to find a way to address our own frustrations and concerns with existing chalk painting product lines. We wanted to open the can, dip in our chalky paint brush and be finished in the same day. As we talked with others who love the hobby or like us are offering their services professionally, they wanted the same ‘simplified’ experience.  
So, we went to work creating Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint, perfecting the consistency (it spreads like butter), the coverage, the drying time, how well it distresses and the fact that you can pour if directly in to a HVLP paint gun and get to work. There is no guesswork with this paint! Even a novice can produce a beautiful, flawless piece that makes you look like a pro!

Meet the Chicks!

We're two moms with our own baby chicks in our nests. We share a love of painting furniture and interior design. Neither of us can control our drive to remodel, improve, and spruce up our homes! Come out west and you may find us at local furniture refurnishing shows. If you do, come talk to us! We love meeting like minded people who just want to help others succeed and enjoy what they do.