The Fat Wax Brush

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This brush fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Made specifically for wax as it has very dense, natural bristles making it great to work the wax into your project. These bristles can be jammed into those tiny crevices and detail work without any fear of ruining your brush.
The Fat Wax can also be used for painting. If you choose to use it for wax it will forever be a wax brush as wax is oil based and our Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint is water based you can not use it for wax and then paint. Wash with warm water and a little dish detergent. You will have some bristle loss. Before waxing, rub the bristles roughly against your hand to remove any loose bristles
Specs: 6 10/16 inch ferrule
1 3/4 inch bristles
Round handle