Black Bird, Black China Natural Bristle Chalky Paint Brush

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2 Chicks & A Toolbelt custom designed this black China Natural Bristle brush to be beveled. This brush has a copper seamless ferrule. This beveled design works perfectly with any painting technique! We know because we use it for all of our classes and custom paint jobs! The perfect brush for the larger paint jobs, dry brushing or just plain anything you wanna do! Since we recommend holding your brush like a pen, our custom rounded handle conforms to your grip nicely preventing tired and clenched fingers and joints. The handle is 7.5 inches long. The bristles are 2 inches long. The Ferrule is 4 1/4 inches around. Clean up is a snap with hot water and a little dish soap. Hang to dry. * Bristle loss should be expected with every natural bristle brush. Made in USA. $25.00.